Robert N. Gold
Thom has been my personal trainer for the past three years. During that time he has worked to help me overcome knee injuries that I sustained playing various sports and selected exercises that would strengthen my quads and calf muscles while not putting undue stress on my knee joints. Under his direction I have been able to continue to play various sports (full court basketball and softball) without feeling the knee pain that used to accompany these activities. 

In addition he has helped build my upper body strength by prescribing exercises that were geared to maintain flexibility and muscle strength particularly in my shoulders enabling me to continue to be able to throw softballs longer and more accurately than I was previously able to.

Thom is a tireless worker who does not hesitate to revise training regimens to improve performance. He is a dedicated teacher whose enthusiasm is contagious and he is so well informed about his craft that he can tailor an exercise program to fit the needs of each of his clients. He knows that my goal is to continue to be able to play masters competitive sports (I'm 71) and the exercises he selects are done with an eye to enabling me to achieve this long-term goal.

And it's fun working with Thom. His program is challenging but well within my capabilities. I have thoroughly enjoyed working regularly with him and know you will too.

I would be pleased to talk with anyone who would like further information about Thom and his training methods. 

Read about Robert's weekly pickup basketball game in Greenwich Village in this piece by Corey Kilgannon — "40 Years on the Court and It's Not Even Halftime" — that ran in the New York Times.


Kirby Cofino
Thom is one of the most tireless and selfless people I have met. Thom will work hard with you in order to meet your fitness goals. I know this because he has been working with me in order to help with various injuries, and fitness in general, for around a year.

I first asked Thom for help when I was experiencing recurring shoulder pain from spending too much time hunched over a guitar. He recommended some exercises which I was not familiar with, focusing on stretching and strengthening my shoulders muscles, as well as recommending that I stay healthy through good nutrition and regular exercise. Thanks to Thom I was able to strengthen my shoulder and work through the pain that I was experiencing.  

More recently, I have recently started practicing Tae Kwon Do and quickly realized that I wanted a stronger, healthier body. Thom has been helping me train with a specialized program, created specifically for me. 

When I came to Thom and asked him to help me out, he responded by asking me what I was looking for. I answered, “flexibility and strength training or muscle building.” The next day I was able to work out exactly the way I had in mind. It’s been about 3 or 4 months now and I’ve been getting great results.

Thom has been a great help for staying fit. From injury rehab to strength training and conditioning, I am blown away by his knowledge of and genuine passion for health and fitness. Thom has always had the time to take questions from me. I can’t emphasize enough the amount of personal attention which he gives to you.  

As someone with Lyme disease, it can be hard sometimes to find the energy to stay in shape. I can say though, that Thom has always been more than happy to alter any aspect of my program to fit what I was capable of at that moment. I’ve really enjoyed working with Thom!


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