Wise Words

George Sheehan

  • Whatever form of exercise you may choose, find your joy in exercise.
  • Trying to stop overeating, smoking or other high-risk behaviors is ass-backwards. Begin to exercise and all that stuff automatically becomes much less difficult to stop.  
  • Too many of us treat our bodies like second class citizens.
  • Our body is "us."
  • Once you begin a regular exercise program, you no longer age, you are growing.
  • You’ll never have an original thought unless you are in action.
  • Begin with fitness and then you’ll find meditation and contemplation.
  • Each of us is an animal, child, artist and a saint. But first, become a good animal.

Richard Keelor

Actually, so-called "will power" is an illusion. It is my experience that the use of the term begins to make sense when we call it what it really is: "ego-power." Ego competes for our attention and the belief that the power of choice is entirely up to us. When we are strong and determined, we can make healthy decisions and stick to them. When feel depressed, anxious, hungry and weak, we lack "will power." Then comes the binge eating, failure to stick to our exercise routine, and eventual spiral into shame and self-loathing. Ego tells us we are somehow fundamentally flawed.

Learning to adhere to the practice of healthy living is greatly enhanced when we understand that we are powerless until we connect to our Higher Power. This is not intended to reflect a particular religion or doctrine. It simply suggests if you chose health and are unable to adhere to those behaviors you know to be essential, don't go it alone.

Spirit is standing by waiting for permission to give you support. Expect and accept a miracle.

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